Israeli-Palestinian peace deal turning out to be a far fetched dream

Last Modified Wednesday, 19 December 2018 (14:54 IST)
United Nations: Recent violence and rising tensions in the are fueling a climate of hatred and fear, 'driving both Israelis and Palestinians further away' from a resolution to the conflict, the United Nations envoy for the Middle East Peace Process has said.
Briefing the Security Council on Tuesday, UN Special Coordinator Nikolay Mladenov, underscored that there can be" ?no justification"? for brutal acts, such as the "heart-breaking"death of an Israeli baby last week, reportedly killed following a drive-by attack or the killing of a Palestinian woman in October, who was reportedly stoned to death, while driving.
"They feed mistrust and hatred," he added, calling on all stakeholders to join the UN in condemning them unequivocally."
Mr Mladenov also cautioned against continuing instances of inflammatory rhetoric and provocation, noting that such "highly dangerous" incitements threatened to push an"already volatile situation past the boiling point."
"Such rhetoric, particularly, if it denies the right of existence of one of the sides, or their right to statehood, or glorifies terror, is dangerous and plays into the hands of extremists beyond and Palestine," he warned.
On the humanitarian side, efforts to provide essential support to vulnerable Palestinians are severely hampered by rising needs, severe funding cuts, restrictions in operating space and attempts to ?delegitimise? reputable relief organisations, informed Mr Mladenov, urging the international community to support the Humanitarian Response Plan for the region into 2019.(UNI)