Jain community leaders demands reservation under 2B

Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March 2021 (23:05 IST)
Hubballi:President of the All India Union of Jain Community, Lalith Ji Gandhi demanded here on Tuesday to include the in Group 2B instead of the current 3B category in the under the to bring them on par with the facilities granted to others in the Group and provide Ministerial representation in the State and Central Government Cabinets.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr. Gandhi said that though the Jain Community is one of the oldest Religion in the world, we are a Micro Minority in India having an official population of 4.5 Million as per the 2011 Census which was defective which deprived us the quantum of Minority benefits which is based on the total population. In reality more than 20 Million Jains live in the Country he said and added that the incorrect filing of details in the Census forms was one of the main Reason for the wrong figures.Inclusion of the Jain community in 2B status will help the Economically weaker families and their children will be helped, he said.
Stating that the Karnataka Minister for Minority affairs, Mr. Sreemanth Patil, whom he had met in Bengaluru yesterday accepted the community’s proposals and agreed to extend necessary financial assistance to construct Vihar Dham’s (Resting places) wherever required in the state for Jain Muni’s (Monks) going place to place on bare foot and also to establish a Jain development Council to extend necessary help and assistance to Jain students under the Minority Ministry. Mr. Gandhi also demanded that the young Enterprenuers be given a loan of Rupees 30 Lakhs at a special interest rate of 6 per cent.
Praising the Karnataka Government for its efforts to the Minorities, Mr. Gandhi said his Union is working with almost 22 States with regard to the welfare of the community, Karnataka stood first in implementing the Minority Welfare Schemes across India, particularly for the Jain Community, right from the Budget allocations to granting the benefits. The Karnataka government has also agreed to grant to restore Jain Basadi’s in the State. He demanded the Archeological department to handover the Jain Statues to the community instead of keeping them in Store rooms, so that they can conduct necessary pooja.
On the recommendations of the Minority Federation, Karnataka government has been giving Rupees 20 Lakhs each Students going abroad for post graduate education and the Scheme is working very successfully since last four years. Following Karnataka’s example, the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have also started granting similar financial grants to Jain Students sinceTwo years, he said.
The Jain community has got the minority status in 2014 after a long struggle resulting in the members of the community getting certain benefits. The Union has launched a nationwide drive on 26 Jan last to create awareness among the members of the community on the benefits and privileges available to them and also to maintain and protect our religious rights, our religious monuments and heritage. He said that the Community has more than 650 Chapters and 17000 Volunteers and 13000 Members serving the community all over India, he added.(UNI)

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