Bollywood movies based on the backdrop of Kargil War

Last Updated: Saturday, 25 July 2020 (15:06 IST)
26 July is celebrated as Kargil Day. It is known to one and all how the Indian Jawans raised the tricolor glory by putting their lives at stake.
Filmmakers have made several films on the valor shown on the battlefield and the subsequent impact. The war and its consequences, especially in Hollywood are underscored with subtlety through films.
Bollywood filmmakers have definitely been immature in this regard. There is so much dramatization in the war movies which seem to be fake. Director has made a film on the Kargil war. Apart from this, Kargil war is also depicted in few of the movies.
1- (2003)

Encouraged by the success of the war film 'Border', filmmaker JP Dutta made a multistar movie 'LOC: Kargil' which was released four years after the Kargil War. It was not easy to merge Kargil war into the film and JP Dutta took 255 minutes to say his point, This is the reason it failed to make an impact on Box office. After the running time, it is India's longest film.