Topper's Strategy: How to Ace JEE Main Exam?

Last Updated: Friday, 4 October 2019 (13:34 IST)
With each passing year, more and more students are looking forward to appearing for Main examination, making competition more tough and difficult to get that coveted seat in an IIT. You might have preparation tips, mentors, subject tips, and good coaching, but another important thing you need is motivation. Yes, it is important for you to take inspiration from past toppers and also, you should take a look at the tips that helped them and will work for you as well.
Students, who are preparing for JEE since their class 9 or class 11, need lots of as it takes many years and you need the same level of concentration. That’s why IIT-JEE preparation tips by toppers are shared regularly that will help you in the way better than ever. Following are some of the topper’s strategy mentioned below that will help JEE aspirants to crack JEE Main examination.
Don’t Take Stress: According to JEE toppers, if you want to be successful in JEE, you have to work hard, and you don’t have to take stress while preparing for the exam. This will implicitly lead to greater probability of clearing JEE Main with a top score. Some of the elements needed for success is confidence, hard work, and preparation without any pressure.
Make a Strict Routine: It is important for all the candidates to make a proper time table with equal distribution to all the subjects. Always keep this in mind that an organized and sensible plan is the way to success. This advice was given by one of the top 100 rankers in JEE Advanced.
Work on Weak Areas First: There’s no arguing with the fact that JEE Advanced is the toughest engineering exams in the country and hence, you need to push your preparation a bit to crack it. JEE aspirants must focus on improving by analyzing and working on areas that need practice. According to the JEE topper, the students should never concentrate on marks and ranks but only on the preparation. The marks and ranks follow according to the preparation.
Avoid Long Hours of Study: To achieve success in JEE Main, you don’t have to make a long- term plan or follow a fixed routine. All you have to do is just understand the concepts and clear them before taking practice tests. One of the biggest mistakes that student do is studying for long hours which would ultimately lead to stress and fatigue. All the aspirants should understand the theory of a topic and then practice the problems accordingly.
Make sure you frame a proper and perfect study plan and at least give 4 to 5 hours to all the subjects including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. To avoid any confusion, it is wise to take breaks in between the subjects. When you relax in between, it will help you understand and learn in a significant manner.
Take Mock Test More Often: One of the main topper tips for students is to work on the weak areas and focus on strengthening the stronger areas. It is wise for candidates to take a lot of mock tests; this will ultimately increase confidence. As a mantra to success, make sure you enjoy studying and follow the points given by teachers.
Learn from your Mistakes: According to one of the toppers, most of the questions are average and can be solved easily. That’s the reason; it is advisable to concentrate on the basics. Also, students need to make a proper study plan to complete the syllabus on time.
Discipline is the Key: It is important for JEE aspirants to have competition with them and outperform every time while performing practice tests. Always remember that there is no shortcut to success and you have to be self- disciplined to take admission in IIT.
It is not an impossible task to crack JEE Main examination. With the preparation strategy, the right attitude, and practice, you can achieve success and kick start your career right away. Good luck!
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