48 hrs ban on 2 news channels for misleading reporting during riots

Last Updated: Saturday, 7 March 2020 (12:57 IST)
New Delhi: The Government has banned the airing of two for the next 48 hours over their reportage on violence in Delhi.
The Malayalam news channels, Asianet news and MediaOne have been given 48 hour telecast ban by the for allegedly misreporting the violence in Northeast Delhi.
The ban on the telecast of the channels comes in force from 7.30 pm on Friday. Both channels are off air now.
"The Central government, in exercise of the power conferred by sub section (2) and (3) of the section 20 of the , 1995  and under paras 8.1 and 8.2 of the guidelines for the uplinking from India, order to prohibit transmission or re transmission of Media One TV channel for 48 hours on any platform throughout India  with effect from 1930 hours on march 6 till 1930 hours on march 8, 2010," the order issued by the information and broadcasting ministry said.(UNI)