AAP alleges LG turned down the proposal of reopening the market in Delhi

Last Modified Saturday, 29 May 2021 (18:27 IST)
New Delhi:State Trade & Industry Wing Convenor Shri Brijesh Goyal addressed a press conference on Saturday and stated that Delhi government proposed reopening of markets, but the request was turned down by LG and DDMA Chairman Shri Anil Baijal Ji. He added that LG Shri Baijal Ji wasn’t convinced with the idea of resuming market operations, but industries and construction have been permitted to reopen. Shri Goyal asserted that The BJP must not monger lies in social media that it was Delhi government who did not allow markets to reopen as it was the LG who didn’t sanction it. He e that if the BJP leaders are indeed concerned about marketers, they must request the LG to allow reopening of markets and ask him to call for a DDMA meeting. Shri Goyal ascertained that in case a DDMA meeting is called, I assure you that the Delhi government will do everything that it can to seek permission for reopening of markets.
Shri Goyal said, “DDMA had a meeting pertaining to the lifting of lockdown, in which we deliberated upon a number of issues. Approval was granted to reopen industries and construction sites, however, markets were not permitted to resume or reopen their operations. Since yesterday evening, the social media has been bombarded with BJP leaders accusing the Delhi government of not allowing markets to reopen or that the government does not want markets to pick-up after lifting of the lockdown. The lies that BJP is mongering and spreading is absolutely incorrect. All the decisions and guidelines being drafted regarding COVID-19 or the lockdown, are done by Delhi Disaster Management Authority. Shri Anil Baijal ji is the Chairman of DDMA. The Delhi government did propose in yesterday’s meeting that along with industries and constructions, markets should also be allowed to reopen. However, Shri Baijal ji wasn’t ready with the idea to open the markets from June 1. Hence, it has been widely disseminated in the media that even though the Delhi government proposed for markets to reopen at least twice/thrice in a week, Shri Baijal Ji wasn’t convinced with this plan and hence he didn’t allow markets to resume. Hence, with folded hands, I would like to request the BJP not to indulge into dirty politics on a grave matter like COVID-19. This is the time for all parties to come together as one to fight the pandemic and win against this battle. 
Shri Goyal added, “I would like to urge the BJP not to put the blame on Delhi government as it was the Lieutenant Governor Shri Anil Baijal Ji, who is appointed by the central government, who did not sanction the reopening of markets. If the BJP leaders are indeed so concerned about the marketers, they must request the LG to allow markets to reopen from June 1. The LG must call for a DDMA meeting thereafter and authorise the markets to reopen from June 1. Additionally, even though resuming constructions was permitted, hardware and cement shops have not been allowed to resume. This must also be done as the people are concerned about how the construction will go about if shops are closed. Hence, we would like to request the LG to take cognisance on these matters and allow such markets to reopen. Furthermore, I would like to request the BJP not to play politics at this moment as this is the time to unify as one and combat the COVID-19 crisis to emerge victorious. I would like to assure than in case a DDMA meeting is held, the Delhi government will try its best and put in all the efforts to seek permissions for markets to reopen.”