After 12-day spike, Petrol-Diesel prices remain unchanged

Last Updated: Sunday, 21 February 2021 (10:24 IST)
New Delhi: As crude oil prices in the international market stabilized, and prices in the domestic market on Sunday remained constant after rising for 12 consecutive days.

Yesterday in Delhi petrol rose by 39 paise to reach Rs 90.58 per litre, and diesel rose by 37 paise to reach Rs 80.97 per litre.
As per India’s biggest Oil marketing firm, Indian Oil Corporation petrol and diesel prices have reached their all time high almost in all cities of India with some cities seeing petrol prices breaching the Rs 100 per litre mark.
2021 has not been good for crude based fuels, in January and February petrol and diesel prices rose on 24 occasions to register and overall rise of Rs 6.77 per litre.
Along with petrol, diesel too is reaching record highs as in 2021 it registered an overall rise of Rs 7.10 per litre. (UNI)