Extremely rare Sambar with genetic abnormalities spotted in MP

Last Modified Saturday, 5 September 2020 (11:02 IST)
Sheopur:A member of the extremely rare albino species has been spotted at the within this district bordering the Desert State.

 "I myself recently observed the animal in the East Palpur Range's Khajuri area. The creature estimated to weigh 60-65 kg and four to five years of age  was also caught on camera and endeavours are underway to monitor its movements so that conservation may be effectuated in better fashion.

A sambar's average lifespan is 15-20 years. The Park is home to some 30,000-35,000 deer. Sambars are comparatively larger. 'White' ones are one among crores! Therefore, the development is a matter of considerable satisfaction for all of us," Divisional Forest Officer PK Verma told UNI here.
The albino is the consequence of genetic abnormalities.Kuno has been readied as a habitat for the Asiatic Lion. Efforts are being made for several years to translocate the carnivore from Gir. Kuno was declared a sanctuary in 1981 and accorded National Park status in 2018. It is spread over 748 sq km in plus Morena districts and just a few kilometres distant from Ranthambore National Park. Therefore, tigers are also found here besides bear, boar, chital, etc.(UNI)