Army will act if Parliament wants PoK back: General Naravane

Last Modified Saturday, 11 January 2020 (16:03 IST)
New Delhi:Chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane on Saturday said if wants Pakistan-occupied Kashmir back and we get directive, the Army will take action.
''There was a Parliamentary resolution long back that the entire erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir is ours. If Parliament wishes that it be ours and we get a directive, we will act on it,'' Gen Naravane said at the annual press conference of the Army here.
''Indian Army is a professional Army. We are for the people & by the people of India. Our actions are for our countrymen. We function within the ambit of Indian Constitution & core values enshrined in the Indian Constitution,'' he said.
On Siachen, he said, ''Siachen is very important to us where one formation is looking after western and northern fronts. It is strategically important. It is from there where collusion can happen.''
"Appropriate action appropriate time", says Parl Affairs Minister on PoK
Shortly after new Army chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane said that if Parliament desires, Indian Army can act on getting back 'Pakistan-occupied Kashmir', BJP leader and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi on Saturday said, "appropriate action will be taken at appropriate time".
" stated by many of our leaders, appropriate action will be taken at appropriate time," Mr Joshi said here.
However, he said, he is 'not hinting' at anything; but maintained that his party has always considered as part of Jammu and Kashmir.
Mr Joshi also made it clear that the Narendra Modi-led dispensation stands by its words and even 10-15 days before abrogation of Article 370, critics had said that such a thing is not possible, but the government of the day did take action exactly on those lines.
"....But things happened, like that I am confident that things will happen. This is my assessment,"  remarked Mr Joshi.
During the monsoon session of Parliament, Home Minister and BJP chief Amit Shah had said in the Lok Sabha that for getting back the PoK, the BJP leaders can also give their lives.
In fact, even after abrogation of Article 370, the Government of India has retained provisions related to the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, reserving 24 seats in the legislative assembly of Union Territory of J&K.
The J&K Constitution way back in 1956 had earmarked 24 seats in the legislative assembly that were left vacant and not contested during elections.(UNI)