Balrampur gangrape victim: A dream cut short by rapists

Last Modified Saturday, 3 October 2020 (14:00 IST)
Balrampur: She wanted to work hard, study and become a lawyer but the future, however, had something else in store.The 22-year-old woman, hailing from the Gaisadi area of Uttar Pradesh's Balrampur, who died after being gang-raped by two people, had high hopes for herself.
Even four days after the horrific incident, the family continues to be in tears. An air of gloom hangs in the village.Family sources on Friday said that she wanted to become a lawyer after completing her studies while they wanted to give wings to her dreams. The family said that she was a graduate student. She had left home on Tuesday to take admission in B.Com second year.
She was abducted on her way back from the college by two men who later gang-raped her. They said that the accused also injected her with an intoxicating substance. When she returned home, she had a vego attached to her hand so that she could get glucose. 
Seeing her condition, her family were rushing her for treatment but she succumbed while on her way. They said that the victim was also looking after the family's expenses. Taking time out from her studies, she was working in a private company. Her family took pride in her courage.      
After registering a complaint on the written complaint of the family, police have sent two identified accused to jail. 
On the other hand, political confrontations have intensified over the matter in the district. The local leaders of the Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Indian National Congress are holding the government responsible for the incident.  
Former Minister Dr SP Yadav said that the government is trying to cover the incidents in Hathras and Balrampur while the reality is that the state government has completely failed at maintaining law and order. 
People from social organisations have expressed their ire through candle marches and have demanded punishment for the guilty and justice for the family.(UNI)