BJP distances itself from pro-Godse remarks

Last Updated: Friday, 17 May 2019 (15:24 IST)
New Delhi:Distancing itself from the 'pro-Godse' remarks of Sadhvi Pragya, Anant Kumar Hegde and Nalin Kumar Kateel, president on Friday said the party do not endorse the  comments made by the leaders.
In a statement,  the BJP chief said comments made by the three leaders are their personal opinion and the party  has nothing to do with it.The BJP president said the party's disciplinary committee has sought an explanation from the leaders within ten days.
"They have withdrawn their statements and even  apologised. Even then, the BJP has taken their statements, which are contrary to the ideology of the party , very  seriously and decided to send these statements to disciplinary committee," the party chief said. BJP's Bhopal Lok Sabha candidate and Malegaon blast accused Pragya Thakur on Thursday lauded Mahatma Gandhi's assassin as a "patriot", sparking an outrage from the Opposition.
Under fire for her remarks, Ms Thakur tendered an apology the same night and said she respected Mahatma Gandhi as his work for the country cannot be forgotten.Mr Hegde had also endorsed Ms Thakur's remarks but later, claimed that his Twitter account was hacked.
BJP MP from Karnataka Kateel compared Godse with former PM Rajiv Gandhi.In  a tweet, he said, "Godse killed one, Kasab killed 72,  Rajiv Gandhi killed 17,000. You judge who is more cruel in this" It was then deleted.(UNI)