Centre bans use of ‘Liquid Oxygen’ for industrial use

Last Updated: Sunday, 25 April 2021 (22:29 IST)
New Delhi: In view of the acute shortage of life-saving gas, the Centre on Sunday completely banned the use of ‘liquid oxygen” for industrial purposes, as the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in a communication to all the states and the Union Territories, also made it clear that ‘no exception is allowed to any industry’ with regard to the use of this life-saving commodity.

In a letter to Chief Secretaries of all the States and the UTs, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, in the capacity of the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Disaster Management Act (NDMA) said, “All the authorities need to ensure that use of is not allowed for any use, other than medical purpose with immediate effect and until further orders.
The State administrations have also been directed that all Oxygen manufacturing units maximise their production of liquid oxygen, and make it available to the Government for use for medical purposes only.
He further said, all stocks of liquid oxygen, should also be made available to the Government and “no exception is allowed to any industry with regard to use of liquid oxygen”.
Mr Bhalla said after reviewing the oxygen supply situation in the country it was considered necessary to restrict industrial usage of oxygen for ensuring availability of adequate and uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen across the country for the management of patients and necessary order in this regard was issued on April 22, 2021, to restrict the use of industrial oxygen with an exception of nine identified industrial activities.   
But now after a second review of the oxygen supply situation, it has been decided that with immediate effect, “use of liquid oxygen, including the existing stock, will be allowed for medical purposes only”, he said in communication with the States and UTs administration. (UNI)