Congress govt reduced to minority in Puducherry after MLA resigns

Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 February 2021 (13:02 IST)
Puducherry:With the resignation member elected from Kamaraj Nagar constituency on Tuesday, the congress government led by Mr.V Narayanasamy, the term of which expires on June 8 was reduced to a minority.Mr. Narayanasamy has no no other option than to resign.Mr John Kumar is expected to join the BJP shortly.
Trouble started in the congress government here an year ago when congress member from bahour was disqualified as he raised a revolt against the government.Later, recently with differences of opinion and ploy from the BJP,PWD minister A Namasivayam along with another congress member from Ossudu Thepainthan resigned and joined the BJP.

Former health minister Malaldi Krishna Rao resigned his post yesterday,reducing the strength of the 33 member (including three nominated) territorial assembly to 29.Even then,the ruling congress had a strength of 15 against the 14 of the opposition.Now with the resignation of John Kumar the strength of both the ruling side and opposition are the same 14 members.
The move of chief minister V Narayanasmay is not immediately known.However, he got no other option than to resign.Following is the present party position in the territorial assembly.
Total strength 33 (including three BJP nominated members )The strength was reduced to 28 with the resignation of four and disqualification of one member.
Congress 10
Independent 1 (14)

Opposition – N R Congress -7, AIADMK-4 , BJP (nominated ) -3.
It may be noted that the nominated members got voting right as per a supreme court order.

John Kumar’s resignation accepted-Speaker
speaker V P Sivakolunthu on Tuesday said that the resignation letter of John Kumar was accepted.
Talking to news persons here, Mr Sivakolunthu said that John Kumar submitted the resignation letter in person and was accepted immediately. However, the resignation letter of Mr Malladi Krishna Rao was sent by mail. However, he spoke to Mr Rao over a video call and confirmed his resignation and it is almost accepted.
Mr. Rao assured to send the original letter and as soon as the original letter was received at the office of the speaker, it will be accepted, he added.

Narayanasamy should resign forthwith: Anbazhagan
AIADMK (East) secretary and legislature party leader Anbazhagan on Tuesday demanded that Chief Minister V Narayanasamy should resign forthwith as his government was reduced to a minority.
Talking to news persons, Anbazhagan said five congress members including two ministers who got difference of opinion with the CM resigned from the party ,reducing the government to a minority. Hence, Narayanasmay have no right to continue in power and owning moral responsibility he should resign immediately, he said.
He said the AIADMK after getting permission of the high command and in consultation with the allies would submit a memorandum to Lt.Governor Kiran Bedi to ask Narayanasamy to prove his majority on the floor of the house. He pointed out that both the ruling and opposition got a strength of 14 each in the house presently.(UNI)