Convict of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case Nalini released on Parole for Daughter's marriage

Last Modified Thursday, 25 July 2019 (13:49 IST)
Chennai: (52), one of the seven life convicts in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, was on Thursday released on a month's to make arrangements 
for her daughter's wedding.
After completing all the formalities following the Madras High Court granting her one month ordinary leave, she came out of the Women's Prison at 1000 hrs, amid tight security.
Nalini was escorted in a police vehicle to Rangapuram in Sathuvachari village in Vellore, where she would be staying during the parole period. Her daughter was at present staying in London. 

While granting parole, the court imposed a condition that she should not meet any political party leaders or give any interview to media.On July five, the Madras High Court granted one month parole to Nalini after she argued her case in person. 
Prison authorities produced Nalini before a Division Bench comprising Justices M M Sundresh and M Nirmal Kumar when her plea, seeking parole (Ordinary leave) for six months to make arrangements for her daughter's marriage and also to argue the case in person, came 
up for hearing.
During the arguments, the state government submitted that a maximum of one month parole only could be granted to her at a time, to which Nalini argued that one month would not suffice and that she needed six months leave. 
Nalini said she and her husband Murugan, were in jail for the last 28 years and that her daughter was also born in Jail.She said as parents they could not grow up their daughter with love and affection and that she was brought up by elders.After hearing both sides, the court granted one month parole to Nalini. (UNI)