Delhi govt. schools attain 99% in 12th and 93% in 10th class post compartment exams

Last Modified Friday, 16 October 2020 (14:47 IST)
New Delhi:Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education Shri Manish Sisodia congratulated the students, teachers, and parents for achieving 99% passing percentage in CBSE class 12th after
compartment examinations, and 93% passing percentage in class 10th examinations. He said it is a moment of pride for the Delhi government to see teachers deliver such excellent academic results in these difficult times also.  
The CBSE compartment results for 2020 show an improvement for class 12 students which went from 98% pass percentage to 99% pass percentage. Similarly, for class 10 students, the pass percentage showed a drastic increase from 83% to 93% in the before and after compartment examinations respectively. 
This marked a huge improvement for class 12 students bringing them to almost 100% pass percentage, and bringing the class 10 students into the 90% bracket. Shri Sisodia said this reflects the commitment and dedication shown by the teachers, school students, alongwith their parents. 
Despite the pandemic that disrupted the preparation for compartment exam, Sisodia expressed his joy in seeing this exceptional result. “The transformational impact this is going to make on the children who’ve not only been able to finish their schools, but also go to the next grade is huge. I’m feeling extremely proud that our government school students have performed so well by overcoming such challenges,” he said. 
“This result makes huge difference to the lives of 16,864 students who move to the next grade this year itself. It was made possible because of our concern and commitment towards every child", said Sisodia. Of the 1734 students who appeared in class 12 compartment exams, 1290 passed. Similarly, of the 25400 students who apperared in class 10 compartment exam, 15574 passed.
Shri Sisodia also expressed his gratitude towards the Delhi govt. school teachers who have played a huge role in guiding these students, and encouraging them. The results, therefore,  are a culmination of this hard work and guidance in the academic journey of the students. 
Earlier this year, Delhi Govt. schools secured 98% pass percentage in Class 12 Board exams. The results also showed an improvement from 71.6% in 2019 to 82.61% in 2020 for class 10 CBSE board examinations.