Delhi Police on toes after speculation of "Shaheen Bagh returns"

Last Modified Friday, 5 June 2020 (13:11 IST)
New Delhi: Policing has been stepped in the areas, with deployment of security after suspecting the in the area again.
It was after the relaxations in the lockdown that over a report regarding coming back of the protest, the police is back on their toes and personnel
were deployed at not only the protest site, but, policing was stepped up and security increased in the adjoining areas that witnessed protests during last year's end.
The police had moved the protestors from the site in view of the pandemic to prevent the virus spread.
The activities at the areas , road where the protests took place are under observation and large number of police personnel have been deployed.
In view of maintaining  law and order amidst lockdown the police force has also been deployed as a precautionary measure at the Jamia Millia Islamia area, Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station and adjoining areas.
According to the police sources, all the district DCPs have been alerted regarding the same as and there is no permission for the protests at any area.
Significantly, the supporters and the opponents of the new citizenship act had clashed in North East Delhi in the month of February, wherein around 50  people lost their lives while 200 got injured.(UNI)