Devotees will get clear and consistent water during Kumbh: Yogi

Last Modified Friday, 11 January 2019 (11:14 IST)
Prayagraj: Chief Minister on Thursday asserted that devotees and tourists will get clear and consistent water during Kumbh, largest religious and cultural gathering of the world.
Addressing the media here Mr Yogi said that all pilgrims from across the world will get clear and consistent water during Kumbh. A huge number of devotees will take holy dip in Sangam, convergence of Ganga, Yamuna and methodical Saraswati, he added.
Mr Yogi hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's effort for cleaning of Ganga and its assistant rivers. Mr Yogi said the centre has approved Rs 26,000 crores for cleaning of Ganga and other rivers. He said that cleaning of Ganga will start from Prayagraj.
Mr Yogi urged public that people have equal responsibility to make divine and grand event. He said that we should consider that devotees from all parts of our country and other countries will come here for Kumbh and their faith and respect should be maintained.
He said that due to the efforts of Mr Modi, UNESCO has acknowledged Kumbh as incredible cultural heritage of humanity. Also, ambassadors of 71 countries have visited preparations of Kumbh with PM Modi this year which marked international recognition of this religious and cultural organization in world.
Over 15 lakh square feet area was painted by volunteer painters under 'pain my city' drive in holy city. Artists have painted ancient and religious cultural believes on walls under the drive.(UNI)