Diesel price sees record hike, petrol not much far

Last Modified Monday, 27 August 2018 (11:18 IST)
New Delhi: Diesel prices on Sunday so far were the highest in several cities of the country including the national capital where it rose by 14 paise per litre and was Rs 69.32.
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Along with Diesel, the also reached close to the historic high recorded on May 29 this year.
According to one of the country’s largest petroleum supplier Indian Oil, the price of Diesel witnessed a record high in cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.
The price of Diesel in Delhi saw a hike of 14 paise per litre and was Rs 69.32, compared to Rs 69.31 on May 29, while in Kolkata the price shot upto Rs 72.16 after the 14 paisa rise.
In Chennai, the Diesel price witnessed a 15 paise hike and was Rs 73.23 per litre, in the country’s financial capital Mumbai the price also rose by 15 paise and reached Rs 73.59 per liter.
This is the highest rise after June 1 in Mumbai. (UNI)