Drones to spray pesticides to counter Locust attack

Last Updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020 (20:03 IST)
New Delhi: has approved ''Conditional exemption to Government entity (DPPQS) for use of for anti-operations'' on May 21 and in accordance with this order, two firms have been finalised through tender for use of the for of for Locust control.
''Meanwhile, supply order for procurement of additional 55 vehicles has been placed to strengthen the control potential. Adequate stock of Pesticide is being maintained (53,000 litres Malathion) with Locust Control Organizations,'' Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare said.
Under Sub-mission on Agriculture Mechanisation, assistance for 800 tractors mounted spray equipment has been sanctioned for Rajasthan costing Rs 2.86 crore.

Also, under RKVY sanction for hiring of vehicles, tractors and for purchase of pesticides has been issued for Rajasthan worth Rs 14 crore. Under RKVY sanction for purchase of vehicles, spray equipment, safety uniform, android application and training has also been issued for Gujarat at a cost of Rs 1.80 crore.
During 2019-20, India witnessed a massive locust attack which was successfully controlled. 
Starting from 21st May, 2019 till 17th February 2020, a total of 4,03,488 ha area was treated and locust was controlled. 
Along with this, the State Agriculture Department of Rajasthan and Gujarat coordinated Locust control in cropped areas of the State. During 2019-20, Control operations were done in 3,93,933 ha area of  11 districts of Rajasthan; 9,505 ha area in 2 districts of Gujarat and 50 ha area in 1 district of Punjab.(UNI)