E card will help citizens to get medical facilities easily in govt hospitals: CM Arvind Kejriwal

Last Modified Tuesday, 10 November 2020 (21:10 IST)
New Delhi:Chief Minister Shri on Tuesday convened a meeting and directed the health officials to ensure the implementation of the (HIMS), and e-Health card in the hospitals of the government.

The Health Information Management System (HIMS) will be implemented to provide effective healthcare services to the residents of Delhi, in the most efficient manner, through technologically empowered healthcare processes. The CM said that with the coming of the e-health card, the healthcare facilities will be extended to all which will provide convenience to the residents of Delhi seeking treatment in the Delhi government hospitals.
The health officials gave a presentation for the implementation of HIMS and issuing of the e-health cards. Under HIMS, various features such as web portal, mobile app, etc will be launched to store a database of the health information of the residents of Delhi. The Health Information Management System will be implemented by August 2021 in all the Delhi government hospitals.

The system seeks to target the healthcare delivery process. All the patient care services, hospital administration, budgeting and planning, supply chain management, and backend services and processes will be brought under the system. As far as the deployment model is concerned, the entire system will be on the cloud and digitized. This will enable the citizens to avail information on one platform, which will help them in emergency cases. With this, Delhi will become the only state to have a cloud-based health management system. This facility will also be extended to private hospitals in the future.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "It is our duty to ensure that there is no inconvenience to the people of Delhi. This management system should be able to provide all the healthcare facilities to the people. Other than that, by 2021, every resident of Delhi visiting a hospital should be issued a card to avail of the benefits of the government healthcare services. Post the issuing, we have to ensure that this card is integrated with the HIMS."
The Delhi government will also be issuing an e-health card to the people, which will be a QR based card to identify and track demographic and basic clinical details of every patient. Through the card, the residents of Delhi will be mapped for all eligible schemes and programs, and the health card will also be integrated with the Health Information Management System for smooth information exchange. 
There will also be a Centralized Health Helpline, for extension of uninterrupted healthcare facilities to the residents of Delhi. The Delhi government will set up a call centre to provide the patients with Tele counseling, address information requests, address queries and complaints, and follow-ups, etc. 
Delhi Health Minister Shri Satyendar Jain said, "To ensure an effective reach of healthcare facilities to the people, we will also link the call centre facilities to the app launched under the HIMS. This will resolve the issues of the people effectively. This system will also ensure the availability of a doctor for the people 24x7"