First Oxygen Express with 70 MT liquid oxygen to reach Delhi tonight

Last Updated: Monday, 26 April 2021 (16:34 IST)
New Delhi: First train carrying 70 MT of life saving Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) for is likely to arrive here by tonight from Raigarh in Chhattisgarh, the Rail Ministry said.

This train is carrying four LMO tankers which was filled at Jindal Steel Works yesterday.
Informing that Indian Railways to deliver more than 140 MT in next 24 hrs, the Ministry said that it has been working on a mission mode and so far, nine tankers are already on the run, out of which five will reach Lucknow by tonight and remaining four containers of LMO which have already started from Bokaro are expected to reach Lucknow at early morning tomorrow.
Another, Oxygen Express have run between Mumbai to Vizag via Nagpur to Nashik and Lucknow to Bokaro and back. A total of 10 containers having nearly 150 tonnes of liquid Oxygen have been carried as of now, the Ministry said.
Indian Railways has also informed Delhi Government to obtain the road tankers and ready for the movement of oxygen containers on container wagons from Durgapur to Delhi.
Noting the demands for LMO to continue in many parts of the country, the Indian Railway has worked out a route map and for  Maharashtra, Indian Railways has planned to transport Oxygen from Jamnagar to Mumbai and for Nagpur/Pune from Vizg/Angul while a route from Angul to Secunderabad to deliver Oxygen for Telangana.
For the state of Andhra Pradesh, Indian Railways has planned to transport Liquid Medical Oxygen from vacancy Angul to Vijayawada.
For Madhya Pradesh, the route from Jamshedpur to Jabalpur for the transportation of Liquid Medical Oxygen has been identified.
“Liquid Oxygen being a cryogenic cargo has many limitations like maximum speed at which it can be carried, maximum acceleration and deceleration and loading restrictions like availability of liquid oxygen tankers and loading ramps, the Rail Ministry said, adding that route mapping also takes care of the maximum clearances available along the route keeping of various Road Under Bridges and Foot Over Bridges. (UNI)