Former CM claims, No threat to JDS-Congress Coalition Govt. in Karnataka

Last Modified Tuesday, 18 September 2018 (15:29 IST)
Bengaluru: JDS and Congress Coordination Committee Chairman  today clarified that there is no threat to the Coalition government in the State as reported in a section of the press.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, the former Chief Minister said that  "there is no difference of opinion among the  Congress leaders and nobody is quitting the party.  There is no base for the reports about  instability in the government."
Referring to reports that the countdown of this Coalition government has started and it may fall anytime, Mr Siddaramaiah, who had gone abroad with family and friends,  said that "such reports are far from the truth. Jarkiholi brothers or any other leaders in Congress are not quitting the party.  Is it wrong to  demand Ministerial berth?"
"Mr Jarkiholi brothers have never uttered a word against the Coalition government or against Chief  Minister H D Kumaraswamy. They have not expressed their disappointment or any difference of opinion.  All the issues were the creation of media and there is no base for it," Mr Siddaramaiah added.
Congress legislator Satish Jarkiholi who in the eye of the storm over the recent developments within the party said after the meeting that all confusion was settled and the government was safe and sound. ''No Congress legislator is leaving the party and they are just rumours. There was some dissatisfaction among a section of the Congress legislators and never any rebellion. None of the Congress legislators are leaving the party,'' he said.(UNI)