Petrol touches 90 rs mark in Mumbai

Last Modified Monday, 24 September 2018 (17:35 IST)
New Delhi: No respite from spiralling fuel prices as the is selling beyond Rs 90 mark in Mumbai and is being sold at Rs 90.08 a litre while is at Rs 78.58 per litre.
In Delhi, the petrol price touched Rs 82.72 per litre and diesel stood at Rs 74.02 per litre, according to the (IOC).Petrol price in Kolkata increased by 10 paise per litre from Rs 84.44 per litre on September 23 to Rs 84.54 per litre.
In Chennai, petrol price rose by 12 paise, from Rs 85.87 per litre to Rs 85.99 per litre.Whereas in Patna, petrol is priced at Rs 91.96/litre ?one among the highest in the country ? and diesel at Rs 79.68/litre.(UNI)