Fuel prices dip further; petrol in Delhi stands at Rs 75.69 p/l

Last Modified Monday, 25 June 2018 (17:52 IST)
New Delhi: in the national capital stands at Rs  75.69p/l  on Monday, a further reduction of 10 p/l. According to the (IOC)'s website, petrol price in today is at Rs. 75.69 per litre. 
In Mumbai, petrol price is Rs. 83.30 per litre. In Chennai and Kolkata, petrol prices are Rs. 78.55 per litre and Rs. 78.37 per litre respectively. prices also dropped by 6 paise per litre in Delhi and Kolkata, by 10 paise in Mumbai and by 7 paise in Chennai, as mentioned on.
Diesel prices now stand at Rs. 67.48 per litre in Delhi. Diesel price in Mumbai is Rs. 71.66 per litre. Diesel price in Kolkata is Rs. 70.03 per litre. In Chennai, it is Rs. 71.22 per litre. The new listed rates are applicable from 0600 hrs on 25th June 2018.(UNI)