Heavy rain alert issued in 32 districts of Madhya Pradesh

Last Modified Monday, 9 September 2019 (11:00 IST)
Bhopal:The has sounded a warning effective for the next 24 hours vis-a-vis 'isolated yet intense' precipitation in 32 districts of including Bhopal.
Life was thrown off gear in this and numerous other cities or towns owing to incessant rainfall since Saturday evening. Road contacts are severed owing to the Narmada, Tapti, Betwa, other rivers and seasonal nullahs overflowing. Subsequent to almost every reservoir having attained full-tank level, sluice gates were opened at Jabalpur's Bargi, Vidisha's Shamshabad and other dams. In Vidisha district headquarters, an afternoon downpour resulted in three to four feet of water-logging in most low-lying settlements.
Weather conditions are unlikely to change much over the next three days.(UNI)