If CAA is passed, no state can say ‘I will not implement it’: Congress leader Kapil Sibal

Last Updated: Sunday, 19 January 2020 (14:34 IST)
New Delhi: After weeks of strong anti-protest and campaign nationwide the party has finally “realised the limitation” of their motivated outburst against a legitimately passed central law, senior leader said on Sunday.

“Kapil Sibal’s remarks reflect belated realisation of the limitation in their anti-CAA campaign. It was a manner of hoodwinking the people when they said, we will not allow implement the law when such a thing is impossible as the new Citizenship law has the approval of Parliament of India,” Dr Sahasrabuddhe told UNI over phone.
He also underlined that - “those who have true faith in the cooperative federalism must realise that in democracy, Parliament is supreme and any Act passed by it has to be implemented across the country....It is not optional, it is a must,” he said.
The BJP Vice President and Rajya Sabha lawmaker’s statement comes in the context of senior Congress leader stating in Kerala that “......constitutionally to say that I will not implement the CAA, it is going to be problematic and it is going to create more difficulty”.
“Constitutionally it will be difficult for any state government to say that I will not follow a law passed by the Parliament,” Mr Sibal has said.
The BJP leaders say the ‘admission’ of fact and the ‘limitation’ of their anti-CAA stir would help the party in the fast approaching Delhi elections as it only reflects the ‘faulty standpoint’ of the Congress and other parties on the new Citizenship law.
The opposition parties had pushed a line the amended Citizenship Act (originally enacted in 1955) is discriminatory against Muslims, a charge naturally denied by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP. (UNI)