IMA vice chief lodges complaint against Baba Ramdev, Know the reason why

Last Updated: Sunday, 9 May 2021 (21:20 IST)
Jalandhar: Indian Medical Association’s national vice president Dr Navjot Singh Dahiya has lodged a formal complaint with the commissionerate police here against Yoga Guru for mocking patients and blaming the medics of misguiding them.

“Baba Ramdev is the most “insensitive and inhumane” as in a video he was “mocking and blaming” Covid victims for not breathing proper, resulting in high death toll,” Dr Dahiya said while lodging a formal complaint with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gurmeet Singh here.
In Ramdev’s video, which was handed over to the police, the Yoga Guru allegedly said “just don’t know how to breathe properly, and therefore, spread negativity and complain of shortage of oxygen and cremation sites.”
Dr. Dahiya said that Baba Ramdev deliberately tried to misguide the people and even blamed the hard-working doctors for excessively medicating the Covid patients leading to their deaths.
“Medical fraternity is working round-the-clock to save patients and even strictly following the government guidelines, protocol and international standards for treating the patients,” Dr. Dahiya averred.
Lambasting over the video, Dr Dahiya said more than 900 doctors have lost their lives while treating Covid patients and Baba Ramdev is just “ridiculing” the lost sons (doctors) of soil. (UNI)