India to have normal monsoon in 2021: Skymet

New Delhi: Skymet, the private forecast company, on Tuesday, said that the season in 2021 will be normal, classifying it under a “healthy normal.”

This monsoon is likely to be 103 per cent of the Long Period Average. received slightly above normal rainfall in 2019 and 2020 as well. It accounted for 105 pc above normal. However, this year the rainy season will fall a little short of the above normal mark.
“The odds of an El Nino, characterised by a heating of the equatorial Central Pacific over half a degree, are low this year. Currently, the Pacific is in a (converse) La Nina mode and while it is expected to weaken a bit in the coming months, during monsoon months (June-September) it is forecast to increase,” Weather told media.
“Over neutral conditions are likely to prevail,” he added.
An El Nino is historically associated, in many years, with a weakening of monsoon rainfall over India.
Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) will release its report later this month. (UNI)