Indian flag waved sky high as a mark of respect to honour corona frontline warriors

Last Updated: Saturday, 10 October 2020 (20:03 IST)
along with other nations across the globe have been majorly hit by this pandemic with many losing their lives and many confined to their homes.

In such distressing times some individuals, health-care professionals, government officials and social organizations in India have been putting their own lives at risk for helping and saving others. There have been doctors, nurses, medical support staff, policemen, social workers, Charity organizations and hordes of individuals who have given their whole hearted service with many sacrificing their own lives in the line of duty.
29 year old Gujarat born, Dubai based entrepreneur Mohammed Rashid Khan has been extremely empathetic towards these front line warriors who have shown extreme intrepidity in such trying times, he says “The real heroes are the ones who have selflessly served the country without giving a second thought about their lives or family and I am truly indebted for the kind of service and sacrifice they have given in the past months during the pandemic which has turned the world upside down”. 
The unprecedented times have been extremely challenging for health-care workers specially doctors who have gone out of their way and given their best to save lives. As a mark of respect to these brave front line warriors and their contribution towards fellow Indians, he has waved the Indian flag skydiving from the highest possible heights in Dubai’s palm drop zone which in itself is a gesture worth applauding. “I wanted to show my love and respect to all who have fought bravely and also given their lives and what better way than waving the Indian flag to salute all those who have relentlessly worked for the welfare of fellow community members during the crisis. I am very proud to display my love and respect for them through this gesture, the more we commemorate, the less it is for the humongous work these real life superheroes have done” states Rashid.