Jaffrabad shooter Shahrukh nabbed in UP after 8 days of hunt

Last Modified Tuesday, 3 March 2020 (17:38 IST)
New Delhi. The notorious shooter Shahrukh, who shot a pistol at police during the riots took place recently in Delhi, was arrested by the police from in UP on Tuesday after an 8 day hunt.
Shah Rukh has been arrested from Bareilly by the Crime Branch team of Delhi. He is under interrogation and sent to the police custody. A search has been started for people who provided shelter him.
It is to be noted that during the on February 24, a person wearing a red shirt fired 8 rounds in the Zafarabad area. This man fired a pistol at a policeman during the cops were controlling the mob.
The man wearing a red t-shirt was identified as Shahrukh. This person can also be seen moving in front of the policeman with a gun in his hand in videos and photos being shared on social media. When the policeman stopped the person, this person resorted to open fire.