Know about deadly disease yellow fungus which became a meme fest

Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 (13:02 IST)
Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, the other noncommunicable fungal diseases have made the situation bad to worse. First, it was a black fungus, followed by a white fungus, Today the first case of was allegedly reported from the Gaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. However, the DMO claimed that this disease has been in existence in pre covid era but till then "Yellow Virus" was in the top trend.
As per the preliminary information, the yellow variant is more deadly than the black and white virus. Let's know about the symptoms and possible treatment of this disease. 
The symptoms
Loss of appetite
No appetite at all
Injury takes more time to heal
organ failure
Why Yellow fungus is more dangerous
This is a fungal disease that is detrimental to the organs of the human body. Due to the normal symptoms, it gets hard to decode. The treatment becomes necessary as soon as the above symptoms are seen in the patient. If ignored the disease may result in multiple organ failure.
How one can save himself from Yellow fungus
The root cause of the disease is moisture and filth. One needs to be extra cautious about cleanliness in a bid to avoid this disease. Also, the old stuff from the refrigerators should be disposed of. 
The treatment
Drink a lot of water
build a strong Immune system
No moisture
Eat fresh food
Meme fest
Despite knowing the severity of the disease the Indian Twitterati gave it a humorous angle again. However many tweets reflected that this trend of surfacing new diseases one after the other is quite tiring. This is how netizens reacted after they came to know after the black and White there is also a yellow virus.