PM Modi says,Lockdown should be the last option in Pandemic

Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 April 2021 (21:07 IST)

The Prime minister Narendra Modi begins his speech to the nation by thanking the medical staff and paramedical staff
09:04PM, 20th Apr
PM Modi also appelaed to the kids to ensure the parents only step out of the home when it is much needed. 
09:00PM, 20th Apr
PM Modi appealed to all social organizations for a less turnout outside. He also asked the youth to form a covid discipline committee. He also appealed to citizens to avoid any outings without any reason.
08:57PM, 20th Apr
PM Modi says the situation of the second wave is much different from the first wave. When we first encountered the COVID pandemic the nation didn't had any medical information about the fatal disease. We neither had the testing labs nor the PPE kits, but our preparations are far better today than that of last year.
08:56PM, 20th Apr
Vaccine to be available free of cost at government hospitals
08:52PM, 20th Apr
Prime minister Modi says assistance from Pharmaceutical companies is being taken to increase the production level.