Lockdown at COVID hotspots, Limiting the attendees of wedding from 200 to 50, Delhi govt sent 2 proposals to centre

Last Modified Tuesday, 17 November 2020 (15:34 IST)
New Delhi: Chief Minister Shri on Tuesday said that in view of a surge in Corona cases in the capital, the government has sent a proposal to the Lieutenant Governor (LG) to permit only 50 people to attend wedding functions now, against the earlier limit of 200 people.

Another proposal by the Delhi government, to allow local lockdowns at market places which may emerge as hotspots in Delhi, has been sent to the Centre. CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal thanked the for providing 750 additional ICU beds for the treatment of COVID patients in Delhi. He appealed to the people of Delhi to wear masks and follow social distancing norms to protect themselves from COVID.
CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Following the central government’s guidelines and considering the marriage season, the Delhi government earlier allowed 200 guests at the marriage functions. Earlier, this number was 50 but considering the recent spike in the number of Corona cases, the Delhi government has decided to withdraw this relaxation. Only 50 people will be allowed in the marriage ceremonies in the capital considering the spike in the number of Covid cases in Delhi. I have sent the proposal to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi in this regard, for his approval.”
He said, “Secondly, we witnessed massive crowds in some of the popular markets of Delhi before Diwali. In these markets, no social distancing was followed and due to this situation, the number of COVID-19 cases has surged significantly in the capital. In the last order passed by the Central government, it was noted that permission to impose local lockdowns in the state should be taken from the Centre. In view of the recent situation and considering the last order of the Central government, we have requested the Center to permit shutting down market places if necessary. I do believe that such harsh measures would not be required. But, if any marketplace has become a Corona hotspot due to the non-following of guidelines such as no social distancing or wearing masks, we would have to impose a local lockdown in those areas as a precautionary measure. I have already sent this proposal to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi for approval.”
The CM said, “You can also see how all the governments are working hand-in-hand to tackle the COVID-19 situation of Delhi. I am specifically very much thankful to the Central government for coming forward and helping the citizens of Delhi in this crucial time. Delhi has a sufficient number of Corona beds but there was a dearth of ICU beds. The Central government has ensured to provide 750 ICU beds to Delhi, this has been a very crucial decision by the Centre that will help the citizens. While assessing the situation of Delhi, I found out that there is an availability of COVID beds at the government hospitals and in private hospitals. However, there is a scarcity of beds in private hospitals.”
CM Shri Kejriwal said, “Central government, Delhi government, AIIMS, ICMR, DRDO and all the agencies are working together to tackle the corona situation of the capital. But we would not be able to combat the situation without the help of the citizens. It is very important for every citizen to follow the safety guidelines. I appeal to all the citizens of Delhi to always wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Some people believe that they would not be affected by Corona, which is a misunderstanding because this disease does not affect anybody based on whether they are rich or poor, and does not classify any person. COVID-19 can happen to anyone."