LPG cylinder prices slashed, new rates effective from March 1

Last Modified Thursday, 1 March 2018 (16:27 IST)
New Delhi: Prices of (LPG) or cooking gas cylinders were slashed by an average Rs 2 point 50 on Thursday. The new rates have come in effect from March 1.Now, a subsidised cylinder of 14.2 kilograms will cost Rs. 493.09 in Delhi, Rs. 496.07 in Kolkata, Rs. 490.8 in and Rs. 481.21 in Chennai, according to Indian Oil Corporation. That means LPG consumers will pay Rs. 2.54 less in Delhi, Rs. 2.53 in Kolkata, Rs. 2.57 in Mumbai and Rs. 2.56 less in Chennai for a cylinder of LPG or cooking gas at subsidised rates.

The latest revision marks the third in LPG cylinder rates so far this year. After Thursday's revision, non-subsidised LPG or cooking gas now costs Rs. 689 per cylinder (14.2 kg) in Delhi, Rs. 711.5 per cylinder in Kolkata, Rs. 661 per cylinder in Mumbai and Rs. 699.5 per cylinder in Chennai, according to Indian Oil. The new non-subsidised LPG prices are lower by Rs. 47, Rs. 45.5, Rs. 47 and Rs. 46.5 per cylinder in the four metros.Meanwhile, petrol and diesel rates were changed marginally across Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai on Thursday. Petrol prices and diesel prices in the four metros went up by 6-11 paise per litre. (UNI)