Mamata lashes out at BJP for urging voters to vote against Muslims

Last Modified Sunday, 4 April 2021 (23:51 IST)
Sonarpur/Howrah/ Pursurah: Chief Minister and Trinamool (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Sunday lashed out at the rival for urging voters to vote against Muslims, the chief minister said, “When there is a flood, do we see that the water is entering a Hindu's house or a Muslim's house? The water enters every house. We all live together, eat together, and together we save each other's lives.”
Addressing public meetings, the chief minister recalled that a Muslim man beat her, pinning the blame on the government for the incident.
"In another instance, a Muslim man saved me from getting shot in the head by putting his hand in front," she added.
Ms Banerjee alleged that Modi's recent visit to Bangladesh to commemorate its first Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's birth centenary year had led to rioting in the neighbouring country.
The supremo alleged that Gujaratis are trying to capture Bengal by bringing goons from UP and Bihar.Ms Banerjee said, “We will not allow Bengal to become like Gujarat.”The TMC supremo said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tries to create a communal disturbance.
“They (BJP) are giving big dialogues about giving money to farmers. I have sent them (Central government) the list (of beneficiaries). Why aren't they sending the money,” the chief minister questioned.
The TMC supremo alleged is syndicate 1 and Amit Shah is syndicate 2. They are sending agencies to Abhishek's house, Sudip's house and to the house of Stalin's daughter. They are continuously changing police officers.”
Earlier at a public meeting in Hooghly district, Ms Banerjee wondered whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is "god or a superhuman" to make claims of a BJP triumph in the assembly elections, six phases of which still remain.
"What do you (Modi) think of yourself, are you god or superhuman?" the chief minister said, referring to remarks by the Prime Minister at public meetings that he will attend the oath-taking ceremony of the BJP government in Bengal and request it to implement the PM Kisan Nidhi scheme as early as possible.
The TMC supremo without naming the Indian Secular Front or its founder Abbas Siddiqui said the BJP is giving money "to a person" to eat into minority votes.
Ms Banerjee was narrowly saved when an angry bull had entered into the midst of a roadshow in Howrah.
The incident happened when the chief minister in her wheel-chair was leading a roadshow from Howrah Kajipara to Sammilani park - a distance of nearly 4 km.The incident triggered a security scare as the chief minister gets Z-plus protection.(UNI)