Mamata names tiger cubs at Bengal Safari Park

Last Modified Monday, 3 September 2018 (12:46 IST)
Kolkata: has named the three royal Bengal born on May 11 at Bengal Safari Park near as Kika, Rika and Ika. 
All of them are females. They were born to the pair of Sheela and Snehasis, who were brought there from the Alipore Zoo in Kolkata.With these three cubs, the number of big cats at Bengal Safari Park has gone up to six. One of the cubs is an albino (white tiger).
The three cubs are still in quarantine as they are quite small. They are under strict CCTV surveillance.According to a forest officer, they are likely to be kept in quarantine for another three months. They would thus become a part of the tiger safari when they become seven months old.
As of now, there are three animal safaris available for tourists at Bengal Safari Park ? tiger safari, Himalayan black bear safari and elephant safari.(UNI)