Govt backed by BJP in troubled waters in this North eastern state

Last Modified Wednesday, 11 November 2020 (14:18 IST)
Shillong:Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh on Tuesday admitted a no-confidence motion moved by the opposition Congress against the National People's Party (NPP)-led (MDA) government.

Soon after the Question Hour, Lyngdoh Informed the House that the Leader of Opposition Dr. Mukul Sangma along with ten other Congress legislators, submitted a notice expressing want of confidence in the council of ministers led by Conrad Sangma.

"... the council of ministers led by Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma has failed to address multiple and critical issues affecting the well being of the people as a whole," the Congress legislators stated in a letter submitted through Assembly Commissioner and Secretary, Andrew Simmons.
"The government has failed to protect the interest of the state as a whole and failed in all fronts," the Congress legislators stated.
Before admitting the no-confidence motion, the Speaker asked the opposition to raise at least 10 members in support of the motion expressing want of confidence in the council of ministers led by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.
After more than 10 members rose in support of the motion, Lyngdoh announced that the no-confidence motion would be taken up on Wednesday at 11 am after the question hour.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has expressed confidence about winning the no-confidence motion.
"We are absolutely confident. There are many other platforms, which they could raise these issues but nonetheless the opposition has chosen this particular route so we are ready," Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said after chairing the MDA legislature party meeting.
"Our entire MDA is very confident and we are united and we will get through this NC motion," he said.
Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma said: "The House is the best platform where issues can be appropriately flagged before the government, draw the attention of the members of the august house and see how the House collectively looks at the interest of the state as the priority and how the interest of the state supersedes everything."
Asked if the move was to topple the NPP-led government, the veteran Congress legislator said "If the members of the august house have a realization of the fact that the interest of the state is under threat...we don't assume or presume what will happen in the house. We don't predict because what happens in the house cannot be taken for granted in advance."
In the 60-member House Meghalaya Assembly, the MDA coalition government is comprised of the National People's Party (21), the United Democratic Party (7), the People's Democratic Front (4), the BJP and the Hill State People's Democratic Party (2 each) and the Nationalist Congress Party and Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (1each) besides three Independents.
Speaker Lyndoh had won the election on UDP ticket, while Deputy Speaker Timothy D. Shira was elected as member of the assembly on NPP ticket.The opposition Congress has 19 members in the 60 member-House assembly. (UNI)