MHA tips on cyber security measures for Work from Home

Last Updated: Sunday, 12 April 2020 (08:55 IST)
New Delhi: The Centre has issued guidelines on cyber security safety measures for those who have been working from home during the 21-day nationwide lockdown, imposed to curb the spread of Novel Coronavirus.
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The new guidelines caution the users to be careful of phishing e-mails, which may be disguised as similar to their superiors’ mail-ids.
The  Government advisory suggest all the employees, either from Government or private sector, working from home,  to “strictly adhere to the guidelines,” issued by their respective employers.
The Union Home Ministry has suggested that all should “change the default passwords and keep strong password for all devices and online accounts”.
The Ministry guidelines also asked the users to use the computers or laptops provided by employer companies or organisations and avoid as much as possible using personal systems.
“Do not use same devices for work and leisure activities,” it said.
The advisory also suggested that users should ensure to keep their online devices in the disabled mode ‘until and unless required’ and they should be used with proper security features, including secured network for accessing office system.
“Don’t share meeting links publicly or via social media platforms and use only trusted apps and operating systems approved by employers for video-conferencing and collaborative works,” it said.
The Ministry also directed the employees to avoid open or free Wi-Fi network. (UNI)