MNF brings up issue of Myanmar refugees coming to Mizoram in Rajya Sabha

Last Modified Tuesday, 16 March 2021 (18:23 IST)
New Delhi:Member on Tuesday raised the issue of refugees coming to saying that due to military coup in that country, nearly 1,500 police personnel from Myanmar have entered the state.
"The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued directions to stop them. They are our brothers, sending to Myanmar will mean killing them. Being the biggest democratic country in the world, we must ensure restoration of democracy in Myanmar”, he said and urged the Chair to ask Union Home Ministry to renew the policy.
At this, Chairman M Venkaih Naidu said that it was not a democratic right of any foreigner to come here and demand anything.
India wishes to see a democratic Myanmar: Shringla
 Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla has expressed his concern over the recent developments in Myanmar and said India wishes to see a democratic Myanmar.While addressing a webinar titled "What Next for Neighbourhood First?" on Monday, Mr Shringla said, "Recent developments in Myanmar are a cause of concern to us, over the last decade we have invested very heavily on the transition of that country to democracy, we believe that this process should not be undermined," said the Foreign Secretary.
The webinar was organised by Ananta Aspen centre.Shringla made it clear that India would not blindly follow actions of the West on Myanmar. He said that India would never support any step that would harm the interests of common people of that country"we wish that democracy is restored in the country but at the same time we need to ensure that we do it in a way without negatively impacting the welfare and well-being of the people of Myanmar.
We cannot adopt policies like introduction of sanctions that may affect food security, availability of goods, or lead to inflation."Shringla said India is in touch with all all concerned parties in Myanmar and is making an effort to ensure a peaceful settlement to the political crisis
"We have undertaken several projects that are important for the well being of the people of Myanmar, we intend to continue those.

At the same time we are happy to play a role in facilitating resolution of the issue as it unfolds. We hope that violence is avoided in every way and the issue is resolved peacefully, we need to use our good offices in Myanmar to bring about the peaceful resolution there. We are in open conversation with all concerned in trying to facilitate and address the situation to the best of our ability."
He said that India's activities in Myanmar aim at socio-economic development of that country which would mitigate violence and conflicts.
"Our activities in Myanmar have been aimed at socio-economic development of the country and we need to continue these efforts in the interests of the people of Myanmar. For example the Rakhine state development programme seeks to improve the socio-economic conditions of the state, thereby bringing down the chances of conflict in that area."(UNI)