Modi congratulates Morrison on poll victory

Last Modified Monday, 20 May 2019 (11:06 IST)
New Delhi:on Saturday congratulated Australia's Prime Minister on his re-election, defying pollsters  who had predicted his defeat.
"Heartiest congratulations @ScottMorrissonMP  on your victory in the elections," said Modi on Twitter, adding, "We wish the people of all  success under your dynamic leadership."
 "And, as strategic partners we  look forward to continue working together closely to further strengthen  our relationship," he said. 
Both governments recognise there is significant potential for further cooperation across a broad range of areas.Morrison championed working-class economic stability during his  campaign, and his victory was said to be part of a worldwide populist trend.
"Tonight is about every single  Australian who depends on their government to put them first. And that  is exactly what we are going to do," he said at his  victory party in Sydney.
The  election result is a crushing defeat for the Labor Party, with Opposition Leader  Bill Shorten announcing he would step down from the leadership.(UNI)