NDA's Harivansh Singh elected as Dy Chairman of RS

Last Updated: Thursday, 9 August 2018 (13:13 IST)
New Delhi: JDU's MP was elected as of Rajya Sabha after the voting concluding in the upper house. Harivansh Singh has polled 125 votes against 105 votes of congressmen BK Hariprasad.
Earlier It was expected to be a close contest between the two candidates with both sides expressing confidence of their win, The Congress on Wednesday voiced confidence about the win of Mr BK Hariprasad. However, the voting which happened twice cleared the air regarding the winning candidate.

Shorty after the voting Vice president Venkaiaah Naidu declared the result and announced Harivansh Singh as the winner. The election was termed as the first big test for the grand alliance by the mainstream media. Which they failed eventually after the defeat of Hariprasad Sharma.(UNI)