NHRC seeks report on Chitrakoot jail firing incident from UP police

Last Modified Tuesday, 18 May 2021 (19:08 IST)
Lucknow: The (NHRC) has asked the Uttar Pradesh DGP, the DM and the SP of Chitrakoot district and Chitrakoot Jail Superintendent through DIG, Prison, to submit an Action Taken Report within ten weeks on complaints in the killing of three inmates in a shootout in Chitrakoot Jail on May 14.
As per the report on May 14, a prisoner had allegedly snatched a pistol from a prison personnel and killed two other prisoners. Subsequently, he was also killed in firing by the jail staff.
The Commission on Tuesday has asked the authorities that the report should contain the following documents which includes detailed report (covering all the aspect leading to the death of the prisoners/encounter), copies of all relevant GD entry or extract including departure & arrival of police/forces before & after the encounter, copy of seizure memo, MLC reports of the injured police personnel, if any, details of criminal history of the deceased persons, if any (including the present status of case(s) registered against the deceased), site plan of scene of occurrence giving all the details (including positioning of forces/police and deceased during the encounter), Inquest report, Post-mortem examination report of each of the deceased (typed copy of PMR especially injury along with diagram of entry-exit/ wound must be provided).

The report should clearly mention whether blackening/charring/tattooing was present or not, Videocassette/CD of post mortem examination of each of the deceased, Result of the forensic examination of "hand wash" of the deceased to ascertain the presence of residue of gun powder., Report of Ballistic Expert on examination of the arms & ammunition alleged to have been used by the deceased and his companions, Report of fingerprints expert, clearly mentioning whether the chance prints found on seized weapon matches with the fingerprints of the victim alleged to have fired the weapon recovered or otherwise, Details of the investigation agency and case status, Magisterial enquiry report (along with copies of the statement of family members of the deceased and other independent witnesses).
The Commussion further said that following reports, if applicable, are also to be submitted before the Commission which includes Copy of dead body hand over the memo, if applicable, Copy of identification memo, if applicable ,Copies of relevant wireless log ,Action taken on a complaint by a relative of deceased or other persons alleging killing in a fake encounter/ negligence on the part of public servants.
The has also asked the State Human Rights Commission, Uttar Pradesh, through its Secretary to inform the date of cognizance, if any, taken by them in this matter.(UNI)