No respite from 'polluted' air in Delhi-NCR area

Last Modified Wednesday, 4 November 2020 (15:09 IST)
New Delhi:Delhi's air quality improved slightly on Wednesday but continued to remain under the 'poor' category with the measuring at 279 at 1000 hrs, the Central said here.
On Tuesday, the was under the 'very poor' category
not only in Delhi, but also at several places around the region and poor across the northern states.
The minimum temperature on Wednesday morning was 11.8 degrees C , while the relative humidity was pegged at 83 per cent at 0830 hrs contributing in making the air dense.
There was a layer of haze visible across the skies in the morning which was dense at several pollution hotspots identified by the CPCB where the pollution levels are higher as compared to other areas in the city.
Several towns, cities, villages across Haryana and Punjab also witnessed poor air quality and haze in the skies.
Slow wind speed is also one of the reasons due to which the dispersion of the particulate matter is being prevented also due to the air being dense.(UNI)