Petrol price reduces upto 18 p/l; diesel by 12 p/l

Last Modified Tuesday, 26 June 2018 (18:33 IST)
New Delhi: Petrol prices were cut across all cities for the sixth day in a row on Tuesday.Petrol prices have been brought down by upto 14 paise in Delhi and Kolkata, by 18 paise in Mumbai and by 15 paise in Chennai. 
Now, after the recent price cut, the petrol prices in  Delhi stands at Rs 75.55.In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai petrol price now stand at Rs 78.23, Rs 83.12 and Rs 78.40, respectively.
Diesel prices have been slashed by 10 paise in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, and by 12 paise in Mumbai.After the latest price cut, the diesel rates stand at Rs.67.38 in Delhi, Rs. 69.93 in Kolkata, Rs. 71.52 in Mumbai and 71.12 in Chennai.(UNI)