Petrol prices at all-time high in Delhi, Mumbai; Check fuel rates in your cities here

Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 January 2021 (16:25 IST)
New Delhi: soared to a record high in the national and financial capitals of the country on Tuesday.

Petrol and diesel prices recorded an increase on the second consecutive day today.
As per Indian Oil Corporation Limited, petrol prices registered 25 paise hike in to record high of Rs 85.20 per litre, while in it costs all time high Rs 91.80 per litre after recording 24 paise increase.
In Delhi, diesel prices too were hiked by 25 paise to Rs 75.38, while in Mumbai Rs 82.12 per litre.
Petrol prices in Kolkata and Chennai stand at Rs 86.63 per litre and Rs 87.85 per litre respectively, while diesel costs Rs 78.97 a litre in Kolkata and Rs 80.67 a litre in Chennai.
Diesel price in Chennai and Kolkata went up 24 paise and 25 paise to 80.67 per litre and 78.97 per litre respectively.
City                     Petrol              Diesel
Delhi                   85.20               75.38
Mumbai              91.80                82.13
Chennai              87.85                80.67
Kolkata               86.63              78.97 (UNI)