Piggery industry facing economic crisis due to lockdown in India

Last Modified Monday, 6 April 2020 (16:26 IST)
New Delhi:is facing an economic crisis owing to the ongoing 21-day nationwide lockdown  imposed to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus. 

In Punjab, rearing farmers are neither able to supply nor start rearing a new batch of pigs due to traffic restrictions due to the despite orders for supply of pigs.
Punjab Director Inderjit Singh told UNI that the pig's physical development takes place only for a short time, after which it becomes a deficit deal. 
The physical development of a pig is generally rapid for eight to nine months, after which the expenditure on its food is high and the economic benefit is less.
Dr Singh said that pigs are largely supplied to the northeastern region from Punjab but despite the orders for supply of pigs it is not being supplied as road and rail traffic are closed due to the lockdown.Due to this farmers are not able to start rearing a new batch of pigs, he said.
There are about 2500 big and small pig farms in Punjab, in which the rearing of pigs takes place, he said.
Dr Singh said the government in view of providing relief to the farmers who raise pigs and poultry, has decided to give wheat at the reduced rate.
The wheat at the said rate will be made available to these farmers through the farmer organisations, and the particular farmers will have to apply through the organisations for procuring wheat at the reduced price.
The Punjab Government has opened its door to the farmers involved in the  poultry and pig farms and has decided to provide them wheat at Rs 1585 per quintal.(UNI)