PM leads nation in celebrating International Yoga Day

Last Modified Thursday, 21 June 2018 (10:59 IST)
New Delhi/Dehradun:The fourth is being celebrated across the globe on Thursday.Prime Minister Narendra Modi led a large number of people in performing yoga asanas at the Forest Research Institute in in Uttarakhand. Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said Yoga has emerged as the biggest unifying force in the world.
Mr Modi said yoga has shown the world the path from illness to wellness. He further said Yoga unites, it helps to assimilate and also heals.
In his tweet, said, "On the International Yoga Day greetings to all those practising yoga across the globe. Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition, but it doesn't belong to India alone. It is part of humanity's intangible heritage. I invite you to explore and celebrate yoga wherever you are". (UNI)