PM replies 'Ulta chor chowkidaar ko daante' to Rahul Gandhi

Last Modified Friday, 8 February 2019 (10:32 IST)
New DelhiPrime Minister on Thursday made optimum use of the Lok Sabha debate on Motion of Thanks to President's address and in more ways than once punctured opposition camp calling them 'maha-milavat -self styled grand alliance' and also cautioned that  
Those who are corrupt and wrongdoers will have to fear the power of law.He also targeted Congress saying for the grand old party the sense of history - is guided by two well terminologies - BC and AD --- but for Congress party, BC would stand for 'before Congress' and AD for 'after dynasty'.
"My government is known for the honesty and transparency. This government has been taken action against the corrupt. Crackdown on corruption is the focus as we are accountable to the people of India," he said.
Seeking to take the spirit of the Opposition campaign that his government has unleashed an
atmosphere of fear to the rival camp, Mr Modi said ,''Desh ko lootne walon ko darna hi hoga (Those who were corrupt and wrongdoers will have to fear the law).''
He was also at his rhetoric best and punctuated his speech with oneliners saying - "You are allowed to criticise Modi. You are also free to criticise BJP. But in doing that, many people start criticising India". 
Mr Modi said the allegations of being autocrat against him was not only a falsehood but a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black.''Ulta chor chowkidaar ko daante,'' he said making a variation from the established Hindi saying as the Opposition parties have recently started taking dig at him and calling him 'chowkidaar'.
In  2014 election campaign, Mr Modi had said that he would serve the country as a true chowkidaar - in reference to the post of prime minister being akin to a custodian.
Lashing out at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, "How the sanctity of constitutional mechanism was respected when your leader destroyed a paper which was passed by the Union cabinet".
Prime Minister maintained that his idea of 'Congress-Mukt' India is actually inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's own words as he had suggested that immediately after elections, the Congress party should be dissolved. "So, I am only fulfilling his wishes," he said adding in this context, even Babasaheb Ambedkar had said that joining the Congress party is like committing 'suicide'.
He also flayed Congress for inflation during their stint. "Whenever the Congress comes to power, inflation rises. But, the NDA has worked to check rising prices. Our government has extensively worked for the middle class. Prices of stents, knee surgeries, medicines and the cost of generic medicines have also been brought down," Prime Minister pointed out.
He said Congress has started the game of farm loan waivers but poor farmers have hardly benefitted.Extending good wishes to the Opposition parties for 'healthy competition' during ensuing general elections, he said the Congress party should be careful about its false pride as it is this 'ahankaar' that has reduced Congress from 400 to 40.
''In contrast, it is our commitment to the service of the nation that we kept on marching ahead and our strength has risen from two and we are in the government today,'' he said.
The Prime Minister said the opposition Congress has committed 'paap (sin)' by trying to spread a fake news about the army's 'coup attempt'.(UNI)