Poor suffer most due to terrorism, still Opposition considers it a non-issue: PM Modi

Last Modified Thursday, 25 April 2019 (12:58 IST)
Darbhanga: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a blistering attack on Opposition for its stand that was not an issue in Lok Sabha election when poor were suffering the most due to it.
Addressing an election meeting here, Mr Modi said that now government was forced to deploy police personnel laced with guns and pistols as security guards of leaders and also at bus stands, railway stations, temples, mosques and other public places due to surge in terrorist activities.
“Had terrorism been not there, the money spent on purchasing guns and pistols could have been used for the purpose of building hospitals and implementing welfare schemes for the poor,” PM noted.
“The situation was different 40 years ago but now government had to spend huge money for preventing terrorist activities,” he added.
Mr Modi said that children of poor who were appointed in police and armed forces had to perform very hard duty and even they did not find time to sleep. They have to even lose their jobs in some cases when some terrorist act happened, he added.
PM said that no leader in the electoral fray could eradicate terrorism as it could be done only by ‘chowikdar’ (Modi), who needed full support from people in form of votes. (UNI)