Prez virtually confers National Award to 47 Teachers

Last Modified Saturday, 5 September 2020 (15:20 IST)
New Delhi:on Saturday urged teachers to be at the centre of fundamental changes being made in the education system, saying that under the new National Education Policy, every possible step needs to be taken to enable teachers and select the most promising people in the teaching profession at every level.
He was speaking after presenting National Awards to Teachers to 47 teachers via video conferencing on the occasion of Teachers Day.
Paying tributes to teachers on the occasion, the President said, "Good buildings, expensive equipment or facilities do not make a school, but the teachers' dedication and dedication in deciding to build a good school."
He said teachers were the true nation builders who laid the foundation of character-building in our sons and daughters to develop as enlightened citizens. A teacher's real success, he said, was to make "the student a good person - capable of rational thought and action, with compassion and empathy, courage and wisdom, creativity, scientific thought and moral values."
Teachers needed to partner with parents to promote online learning so that they can collaborate with children in the process and inspire them to learn with interest.Today, the whole world is suffering from the global epidemic of Covid-19, which has caused great loss of life. Schools and colleges are closed or affected in most countries around the world, including India due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he said in such a time, digital technology has played a very important role in imparting education.
Noting that before the sudden changes wrought by Covid-19, all the teachers were teaching through the medium of traditional education, he said, "In such a short time our teachers have worked hard to connect with the students using digital medium".
"We also have to ensure that our sons and daughters of every class can get the means of studying through digital medium, even in rural, tribal and remote areas," he told the gathering.